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Dr. Shannon Hurley, D.C.
Self Empowerment with "the missing link"

I have enjoyed seeing the transformation and self-empowerment this method provides my patients! This provides additional self education and reflection as to how the fascia influences other areas and mechanics of the body.  As a Chiropractor, I am passionate about the role of healthy fascia as the missing link in fitness and health.This isn't just about mobility, but assists the patients in understanding the emotional, physical, and chemical components of health! Jennifer has been a wonderful contribution to the office through her classes! She seeks to educate and link what people are experiencing in their health to the fascial system. 

Emily A
Autoimmune issues & Inflammation

For anybody out there wondering if this is for you, try it!  It has been an absolute game changer for me.  I have various overlapping autoimmune issues, primarily Sjogren’s, Lupus and Raynaud's.  Jen introduced me to The Fascianation method, and I was completely on board, eager to try anything for some relief.  After consistent rolling for just a couple months, the joint pain, peripheral neuropathy and burning that I had been living with for years was greatly reduced.  So much so that I was able to decrease the dosage on some of my medications.  After rolling, I feel, lighter, looser, longer.  No more chronic pain and stiffness.  An added benefit is the improvement in my mental health along with my physical health. Marching on...with my fascia rollers and gua sha tools.  Love this life.  Thanks Jen!


Adrienne C
Tight Hips, Glutes, Quads

I have been rolling with Jennifer Smith since July 2020. I previously suffered from piriformis issues as well as tight hips and quads. Too many ballet barre classes not enough stretching and hydrating of my fascia. I also do a daily yoga practice. 
I am a Brooklyn, NY elementary school teacher which makes it extremely difficult to take Jennifer’s live zoom classes except for Saturday mornings. When Jennifer told me she was going to put together an On Demand website I was totally over the moon. I couldn’t wait. Now with all the choices of on demand rolling classes as well as added videos for gua sha work and exercise modifications I am able to roll at least 3 times weekly and sometimes 4 times. This is so perfect for someone like me who can’t always make the weekly zoom classes but can still take care of their fascia and keep our bodies healthy and hydrated. I feel taller, toner, more limber and my earlier issues with painful piriformis and tight hips and quads are no longer my issue.  I feel the On-Demand is a plus for anyone who just needs that extra roll in one day or needs that extra hydration on a stiff or sore muscle after a workout or a tough day at work. It’s a blessing to me!  Thank you Jennifer!! I feel like a new healthier version of myself now!!! When I am in doubt, now I can roll it out anytime I want!!

Karen H
Cancer Survivor, Scoliosis

I LOVE the Fascia Fitness Online - On-Demand 24/7 option! I have scoliosis, fused disc, hip flexors issues  just to name a few, and and am a breast cancer survivor. The Fascianation Method and The Fascinator has helped me feel so much better! Unfortunately with my job and time zone, the live zoom classes don't work for me very often, so having the choice to roll when I want to is a blessing!  I use the full body rollout #2 a lot and I Love it!  I also really like modifications for the trap video. The PDF handouts have been really helpful. .

Anna L
Sciatica, Piriformis, Limited Range of Motion

I have had issues with sciatica  and piriformis aches and mobility challenges for over 30 years and would need regular massage, chiropractic, energy appointments to manage the pain. The rolling has been great for keeping these issues much more manageable. I have loved adding this modality of body work to my Baby Boomer ‘tool box’ for staying fit and healthy! The benefits of Jennifer’s virtual classes have allowed me to have a more committed schedule for rolling at least 3 times a week.  I also love that over time, the fascia rolling can also impact shape and muscle tone! I also love the body awareness and anatomy education we get from Jennifer’s classes. 

 Susan K
Herniated disc, Improved strength, Emotional peace

I am on my feet and active as a restaurant owner 14 hours most days. My lower back pain caused by a herniated disk has been greatly reduced and my overall strength has increased. I began rolling an average of 3 times a since week in March  with Jennifer Smith via the online zoom class. I absolutely love the transformation that is taking place. I am on my feet and active as a restaurant owner 14 hours most days. While I am thin, I am excited about the definition and tone that my entire body has achieved. An unexpected bonus is the overall feeling of relaxation and peace I feel after every session. One of the best investments I have made in my journey to overall physical health. Jennifer has a wonderful way of guiding us thru the class while educating us along the way.


Sara M
Yoga & Fitness fan, Sleep issues, Headaches

"I love all kinds of fitness: yoga, weights, biking, running, and hiking with my family. But, in late 2020 I found myself overwhelmed and lacking motivation. I was not sleeping well, holding tension in my body, and being sidelined with frequent headaches.  I am so glad I found you! While I love coming to Live Zoom Classes when I can, my family's schedule (3 young daughters) makes it challenging. Over the past month, I have really enjoyed using the On-Demand 24/7 recorded videos! I really like the 60 minute rollouts, with the option to pause as needed to pay special attending to certain areas.  I've kept my commitment to do a full body rollout 3 times a week for the last month and I feel so much better!"

Jennifer V
Migraines, Scoliosis, Tight Quads

Almost 60, I want to remain active and flexible so I embrace things that help mitigate my frequent Migraines, super tight quads, scoliosis and hyperlordosis (sway back) and lower back pain. Rolling with Jennifer using the Fascianation Method is an amazing tool in my health toolbox. Keeping my body and neck flexible is crucial, particularly because of my migraines. Since rolling, I’ve experienced greater flexibility in my neck area and my massage therapist has noticed a dramatic loosening of my tight quads which is making a positive difference with my lower back issues. I’ve been rolling with Jennifer twice a week since August. She does a marvelous job of guiding the class through the F.M. sequence, rolling 52 body parts from our feet all the way to our skulls. Who would’ve thought - 52 in an hour?! The unique Fascianator roller is amazing and can reach into areas that I never thought of rolling which makes a huge difference in my overall flexibility and health.  I enjoy the live zoom classes most, but it’s nice to have the on-demand library as well.

Susie V
Shoulders, Bicep, Posture and Shape

In my later 60s, I have always been proactive with my health. While I have been intentional with my physical health with yoga for the past few years, I have struggled with issues and chronic pain in my shoulders and bi-ceps due to old injuries and a past surgery. Since I began rolling with Jennifer and The Fascianation Method, I have found profound relief in pain & improved strength. With the improvement in my posture and structure and shape, do I dare say, I feel sexy again!  I am NOT a morning person at all, but I literally bounce out of bed 2-3 times a week to roll with Jennifer by Zoom at 8 am because this is so amazing and I am committed to my best self! I love this so much and I tell EVERYONE about this!

Kelly R
Yoga Instructor, Chronic Neck and Back pain, Reduced Anxiety

I have worked as an Occupational Therapist for nearly 40 years. My job requires plenty of lifting, tugging, and pulling. This has caused chronic pain in my neck and upper back for years. I've been Rolling /Fascianation Method with Jennifer for the past 6 months 2-3 times a week. Right away I could feel relief in my upper back and greater range of motion in my neck. I love Rolling with Jeniffer! She is very consistent and provides great explanation to her students. I'm a Yoga instructor and I know how important it is for people to understand. Since doing The Fascianation Method,  I've also noticed my emotions are more balanced which has lessened feelings of general anxiety. I love it so much I got certified so I can bring this to Kentucky!

Holly K
Frozen Shoulder, Overall Body Pain

After having left rotator cuff surgery in 2017, followed by 2 additional procedures due to adhesions, my right shoulder froze. I did a year of PT then had the miracle EPAT treatment by Dr. Hurley, who introduced me to Jennifer and The Fascianation Method! I actually had another shoulder surgery scheduled for my right shoulder in December, 2019 which I was able to cancel after having the EPAT and beginning to roll.  I have rolled 3 x a week for going on 3 months. Both shoulders have improved range of motion and my right shoulder is essentially pain free. When I started, it hurt to reach for anything. Rolling has helped it stay loose as well as continue to break up the adhesions. Thank you Jennifer for all your guidance!

Aimee H
Inflammation, General Stiffness, Sports Injuries

The fascianation method truly is the missing link for wellness!  Since I started rolling with Jennifer about a month ago, I have noticed reduced inflammation, greater range of motion and flexibility, less joint pain and muscle soreness and most important: faster recovery after walking 18 holes of golf or playing 2 hours of tennis or pickleball.  Also, to my pleasant surprise, my regular “tune up” at the chiropractor was the easiest in years.  Rolling takes some practice, and Jennifer is the perfect teacher.  She will lovingly guide you to get the most out of your sessions and will also educate you about fascia along the way.    

The Fascianation Method helps you to achieve your fitness and mobility goals without pain

  •  Improved: range of motion, flexibility, less joint and muscle pain, overall sense of well- being and energy. 
  • Increased: oxygenated blood flow into tissues, venous drainage of blood returning to the heart, lymphatic drainage and waste product elimination, quality of sleep, range of motion in the joints.
  • Decreased: Dural tension, fewer, less severe headaches, peripheral edema

A full body sequence from your feet to your head

We roll 52 body parts from your feet sequentially to your head in a 60 minute class using The Fascianator roller

Beneficial Effects

Increased serotonin levels, better posture, increased flexibility and mobility, increased digestion, less headaches, decrease in Dural-tension, decrease in joint pain, increased blood flow, increased lymphatic drainage and waste product elimination, improved visual acuity, improved sinus drainage, improved skin tone, cessation of varicose veins, decreased peripheral neuropathy, just to name a few!
TEENAGE ATHLETES: Can help with Osgood-Schlatter’s Syndrome, Achilles tendinitis, pulled hamstrings, quadriceps and adductors, as well as rotator cuff and all issues associated with teen athletes.
  • General stiffness
  • Decreased joint range of motion
  • Shin Splints
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Golfer's Elbow
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Frequent Urination
  • Trigger Finger
  • Compartment Syndrome
  • Migraine Headaches
  • Tensional Headaches
  • I.T. band Syndrome
  • Patellofemore Syndrome
  • Chemotherapy induced neuropathy
  • Idiopathic Neuropathy
  • Frozen Shoulder Syndrome
  • Dupuytren's Contracture
  • DeQuervain's Syndrome
  • Diabetic Foot
  • Sciatica
  • Constipation
  • Vertigo
  • Face and TMJ Pain
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The Fascianator

The Fascianator is the unique and proprietary tool - hard roller designed to be used with The Fascianation Method of self-myofascial release (SMR).

The Fascianator roller is made with earth friendly post-consumer ABS tubes made from recycled plastic. Tube covering is made with earth friendly post-consumer recycled padding with the best density /thickness for comfort. The instructional manual comes digital to save on paper waste.

To Order a Standard - 20” Fascianator and the recommended gua sha which we use in class, suggest selecting the option "BEST DEAL" Receive a free downloadable E-Manual with your order.
Order Fascianator Roller

A Note From Jennifer...

I am excited to share this method of Self-Myofacial Release (SMR) with you!  During zoom class, I will guide you with excellent verbal cues and suggestions for modifications to help you experience the benefits of The Fascianation Method. With a commitment to consistency, you will experience the amazing benefits of taking care of your largest body organ system!

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