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The Fascianator

The Fascianator is the unique and proprietary tool - hard roller designed to be used with The Fascianator Method of self-myofascial release (SMR).

The Fascianator roller is made with earth friendly post-consumer ABS tubes made from recycled plastic. Tube covering is made with earth friendly post-consumer recycled padding with the best density /thickness for comfort and easy to wash.

NOTE: If you are in the Denver Metro Area, you may be able to pick one up from me directly and save on shipping. Just click on the connect button and send me a note.

Roller Options - All roller options come with downloadable PDF Instructional Manual
Standard 20" roller - $70 +Shipping
Travel Size - 12" - $35 +Shipping
Please reach out directly to have a roller shipped to you.

Contact me to shop for a Fascianator
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A full body sequence from your feet to your head

We roll 52 body parts from your feet sequentially to your head in a 60 minute class using The Fascianator roller.

Developers of The Fascianator Method

Anthony and Eileen Chrisco, Founding Members of the Fascia Research Society each have over 20 years dedicated to fascia research and learning how to improve the body; collectively they dedicated 40 years. Their dedication and knowledge shines bright with the life-changing experience of those who use The Fascianator and The Fascianator Method. 
They developed, trademarked, and teach The Fascianator Method to professionals and practitioners of yoga, physical therapy, personal training, and athletic training, making it possible for people heal from home, too, thanks to the self-myofascial release process.
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Anthony and Eileen Chrisco - 
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