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About This Certification


Target Audience
Personal Trainers, Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Chiropractors, Pilate and Yoga Instructors


A working knowledge of human anatomy. Wellness or fitness instruction. Degrees in the sports sciences are recommended but not required.


Continuing Education Credits
CEU's (10 contact hours) are offered upon successful completion.


$595 Includes

Downloadable Certification Manual

On-line pre-recorded lectures

Foundation Instruction

Practical Application

2 x Fascianator Rollers

2 x Gua Sha

CEU's (10 contact hours) are offered upon successful completion

Attend 2 of Anthony Chrisco's zoom classes

1 month unlimited zoom classes with Fascia Fitness Online to prep for audition

New Practitioner Marketing Packet upon completion of 20 hours of required practicum



Certification Objectives 


Participants will gain science-based expertise about fascial care through self-myofascial release so they can increase longevity in current exercise programs, connect with health care providers, and make an impact on community health.

✅ The evolution of and definitions of fascia

History of fascia-related theories, philosophies, and movements

Properties of Fascia Introduction to Fascial Physiology

Introduction to Fascial Anatomy

Fascia as a Body-wide Sensory Regulatory System 

Psychological considerations to be aware of when administering the Fascianator Method® of self-myofascial release

Introduction to Fascial Dysfunctions

Role of Fascia in Disease States

✅The Fascianator Method of Self-Myofascial Release: Techniques and Safe Instruction 

✅Difference Between Fascianator Rolling and Foam Rolling

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Meet Master  Trainer...

Jennifer Smith - Fascianator Method Master Trainer and Practitioner.
AFAA Certified, Group Fitness Instructor. I have a bachelors of science in Nutrition, and am a fitness enthusiast with over 30 years experience in health and wellness. I have trained under Anthony Chrisco, the creator of "The Fascianator Method" of Self-Myofascial Release (SMR). I love teaching others how to take better care of themselves so they can live longer with out prescription medications and surgery!


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