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Why True Science Liquid Collagen?

Activate. Replenish. Maintain.

While our skin has been identified as our largest organ, that is true on the outside, but more recently identified - our Fascial Connective Tissue is actually our largest body organ system.  It wraps and protects every single cell, organ, bone, muscle, ligament and tendon! Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body.  As we age, our collagen rapidly declines making our skin, hair and nails appear dry, dull and brittle. Internally, it leads to chronic aches and pains in our soft tissues and joints.

As a registered dietitian and fascial fitness practitioner – I am often asked about collagen and which is the best one to take for joint pain and soft tissue issues. I've never felt confident in recommending anything that just supplemented collagen, until now. 

When Lifevantage launched True Science Liquid Collagen, I became excited and hopeful that it would be a difference maker! Not only does it Replenish with 10 types of collagen and help Maintain collagen, it also Activates the production of collagen which is what makes it a powerful tool in optimizing your collagen health.

After experiencing benefits in my own joints, as well as my skin, I am thrilled to share this with you. Whether you're looking at this information to better your health, to look more radiant, to recover from your workouts, or just age gracefully, this is The Missing Link for optimizing your collagen health.

I invite you to explore the benefits of True Science Liquid Collagen by viewing the information below.  Save $10 on your first order.

Why Collagen? 

-keeps your nails strong
-prevents premature hair loss
-promotes muscle recovery
-cushions joints and ligaments
-strengthens bones
-overall tissue repair
-keeps your eyes healthy

-promotes gut health
-liver function
-cardiovascular support
-athletic recovery
-sleep quality
-mental/brain health
     and more!

True Science Activated Collagen Overview

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The Science behind Activated Collagen

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Activated Collagen vs Esthetic Procedures

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